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Empowering People. Improving Communities.
Work Internship Program (WIP) was established to provide a Christian vocational training program for young adults. These students are presented with a multi-faceted program that focuses on the their physical, social, and spiritual development. WIP is a transitional program that instills the concepts of accountability and
interdependence.  Mentors show students how to use make wise choices, help with relapse prevention, encourage further their education, and spiritual direction to help them find their purpose in life.
Christian Accountability, Work and  Internship Program - For Young Adults Provides Aftercare Program, Follow-up Care - Prevent Relapse And Maintain Gains Transition Home – Church - Community-Based  Program for Psychology and Religion's Aftercare Program provides follow-up care to prevent relapse and maintain gains.  Transition Home, Aftercare Program, Aftercare Home, Christian, Home, Recidivism, Prevention, Probation, Independent, Living, Parole, Psychological, Christian Counseling, Vocational, Outpatient Program, Rehabilitation, Education, Spiritual Direction, Discernment, Accountability, Juvenile Violence, Juvenile Delinquency Prevention, Outpatient Program, Guidance Counseling